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FHP Emergency Contacts

The Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles now offers an emergency contact information registration. The idea being that if you are ever in an accident and are injured and unable to speak the officer will be able to type your driver's license number into his computer and, if you have registered your emergency contact information the DHSMV website, they will be able to pull up your contact information immediately. By having access to this information at the accident site they will be able to save time if you are seriously injured by being able to contact someone who can make decisions about your care.

If you live by yourself or have teenagers that drive it is even more important to register. If you have elderly parents/relatives who are still driving, this is also probably critical for them as well.

The process is quick and easy and you are allowed to enter two emergency contacts. The only downside is the site only allows those with Florida driver's licenses or Florida I.D. cards to register. Just go to the website below.


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